WHS Hazard Checklist Templates

WHS Checklist: Hazards
Work Health and Safety (WHS) standards provide the framework to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees while at work. Thus, it’s imperative that you use WHS checklists to keep your workplace safe. One checklist you may have a need for is one for hazards. With our WHS Checklist for Hazards, you can be assured that the document is up-to-date and compliant with regulations. Use WHS checklists as a guide for inspections of your worksites. By using the checklist for regular assessments, your organisation will be able to determine any changes or issues in the workplace.

What Belongs on a Hazard Checklist?
Hazards in the work environment can include a number of things. A hazard checklist would include areas to review, including:

The storage and/or removal of chemicals Manual task observation Lighting Machinery and equipment condition Electrical Noise levels Ventilation Scaffolding and ladders First aid Emergency plans Necessary signage Heat or UV exposure Managing risk related to falls Security of facility

Depending on the nature of work completed by your employees, hazards will be different. These are just broad categories. Not everything on the WHS checklist template for hazards will be applicable. You have the ability to customise to fit your specific industry.

Checklists Facilitate Consistent Practices
Checklists are a useful way to follow WHS processes and ensure they are applied consistently through the organisation. They are a great reminder of all the many areas of hazards to consider. The checklist should be supported with business practices and workplace policies that are in line with WHS policies.

One other consideration for checklists is to look at them as posing questions. Understanding possible hazards isn’t simply checking to see if a hazard prevention element, like non-slip coverings, is in place but if there are actual hazards, which pose a trip or fall danger.

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