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Who Can Benefit from an HR Expert Australia Membership

Who Can Benefit from an HR Expert Australia Membership?
  • Business executives and HR professionals alike use HR Expert Australia to save time and money in meeting legal obligations and managing their HR functions with ease and efficiency.
  • Small and midsize businesses with limited HR personnel and legal expertise use HR Expert Australia to help organise their HR documentation and to fulfil legal obligations in managing their workforces.
  • HR Professionals in businesses of all sizes make use of HR Expert Australia guides, documents and templates to work with speed and efficiency.
  • Business owners who values time, money and efficiency benefit from HR tools and resources at HR Expert Australia; and all at a very affordable price.
  • Entrepreneurs and founders in start-up businesses with tiny teams still have to fulfil their legal obligations with little or no support from HR professionals. HR Expert Australia helps founders by saving valuable management time so they can focus on growing their business.
  • Small businesses that cannot justify the cost of professional HR expertise use HR Expert Australia to set up and manage their daily and routine HR functions, employment contracts and legal obligations.
  • Midsized businesses that run a tight ship, with a limited HR staff make use of HR Expert Australia to fulfil their legal obligations and execute routine HR tasks with speed and efficiency.

Single User Licence: from $85 per month


  • "Our new Human Resources systems and processes are working extremely well. What we love is the ease of implementing HR Expert Australia's pre-designed templates and documents into our business. We can highly recommend HR Expert Australia."
    Kristy Johnson
    Managing Director | Designs by Boo Shi
  • "HR Expert Australia is a great solution for the management of our team. The resources on the site are fully customisable and straightforward to implement."
    Joe Purves
    Founder and CEO, Green Finder, Australia
  • "HR Expert Australia made updating our HR documentation a simple and easy process. There was no need to hire expensive consultants and we saved thousands. HR Expert Australia provides a single reference source for all of your HR information needs."
    Louise Hoggett
  • "HR Expert Australia and the online tools are like no other. It makes managing our people and business easy. It’s updates always ensure we are up to date with compliance requirements and enables us to focus on management rather than implementation. I would highly recommend this service to any size business."
    Dr Baljit Lalli
    Director/Principal Orthodontist, Pittwater and Macarthur Orthodontics, Sydney Australia