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WHS and Wellbeing

WHS Documents & Templates

Find all the forms and documents you’ll ever need to ensure workplace health, safety and welfare and compliance in one convenient place.

HR Expert’s templates allow you to create forms and documents for your organisation that are up-to-date and legally compliant.
In high performance workplaces, workplace health, safety and wellbeing must go beyond mere legal compliance. Make use of the resources in the HR Expert Workplace Health & Safety and Wellbeing library to attain excellence in people management.

General WHS
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WHS Statement of Intent
Organisational WHS statement of intent detailing company commitment to creating a safe and healthy working environment
WHS Return to Work Program
Return to work program setting out the companies commitment, procedures for injury notification, recovery, return to work, suitable duties and…
WHS Induction Handbook
Workplace work health safety handbook covering WHS rules, managing risk and controls, first aid, manual handling and office ergonomics
Work Health and Safety Committee
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WHS Committee Terms of Reference
WHS committee terms of reference comprising of employer and employee representatives who function on a joint consultative basis
WHS Committee Election Process and Meeting Format
Process outlining the WHS committee election process, committee aims, scope, membership and meeting format.
WHS Flowcharts
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Workers Compensation Injury Notification Flowchart
The HR Expert Australia Workers Compensation Injury Notification Flowchart suggests the steps to follow in the instance of an employee…
Notification of Injury Flowchart
The HR Expert Australia notification of injury flowchart outlines the steps to follow in the instance of an employee injury…
WHS Forms
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Hazard Checklist
The HR Expert Australia hazard checklist, also known as a hazard assessment form, is a tool used by safety officers in performing…
Hazard Report Form
Form to report all workplace hazards
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Injury Management Plan
Organisational injury management plan detailing company process of when an injury occurs, reporting an injury, facilitating return to work and…
Injury Notification Flowchart
The HR Expert Australia Injury Notification Flowchart outlines the steps to follow in the instance of an employee injury or…
Injury Reporting and Investigation Form
Form to report and investigate all workplace injuries
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Pregnancy Workplace Assessment
Workplace pregnancy hazard assessment questionnaire to be completed by pregnant worker
Pregnancy Safety Risk Assessments
Workplace risk assessments for pregnancy safety
Pregnancy at Work Safety Guide
Work safety guide for pregnant workers
Risk Assessments
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Risk Assessments General Office
General office risk assessments
Risk Assessment Template
Organisational risk assessment template
Risk Assessment Use of Telephone Headsets
Company telephone headset use risk assessment
Risk and Office Manual Task Identification Sheet
Task sheet to capture all tasks that involve bending, twisting, stretching, lifting, pulling, pushing or carrying
Workers Compensation
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Company Return to Work Rehabilitation Policy
A policy statement that sets out the company commitment to employees at its workplace in respect of rehabilitation.
Letter to the Injured Worker
Template letter from the company to the injured worker about workers compensation
Post Workplace Injury Initial Contact Template
Initial worker contact template following a workplace injury and workers compensation claim
Workers Compensation FAQ’s
Employee frequently asked questions about claiming workers compensation
Injured Worker Information Consent Form
Information consent form from company to treating professionals


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