Post Workplace Injury Initial Contact Template

Initial worker contact template following a workplace injury and workers compensation claim

Running a business involves many important responsibilities. But there is one duty that should never be put on the backburner, and that is employee safety and health. Injuries can happen anytime in the workplace, but it’s how you respond to the situation that will dictate the outcome.

Steps to follow after a workplace injury

The very first thing to accomplish is seeking medical attention. If you fail to provide the medical facility, it will not only negatively impact the employee but also can be legally damning in the future. After providing appropriate medical attention and care, you need to think about your obligations and protocol as an employer. The injured employee can file a claim, and it’s your responsibility to provide them with a claim form. Then the injury must be reported to the workers’ compensation insurance company.

As an employer, you must cooperate with your workers’ compensation carrier and their attorney. When a claim is pursued, they may ask for all sorts of documentation and files on the employee, so make sure to provide all the required information. Regardless of whether it leads to a successful claim or not, you must have a return to work program to welcome the employee back as soon as they are physically able to do their work. Finally, prevent the future injuries by taking appropriate steps.

Key points

  • Seek medical attention
  • File a claim
  • Return to work program
  • Prevent future injuries

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