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Find all the recruitment and selection forms, documents, interview guides and employment offer paperwork you’ll ever need in one convenient place.

HR Expert’s recruitment and selection templates and documents allow you to create specific forms and documents you need for recruiting and selecting quality staff for your organisation.

Employment Offer Letters, Contracts and Standard Terms
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Employment Contract – Full Time or Part Time Casual Employee (Award or Common Law)
Template employment contract (standard terms of employment) for a Full Time or Part Time Employee (either Award or Common Law)
Employment Contract – Casual Employee (Award or Common Law)
Employment Contract - Casual Employee (Award or Common Law) template standard terms of employment
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Job Advertisement Template
Template to structure a job advertisement
Job Description
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How To Write a Job Description
A Job Description provides applicants and ultimately employees with a clear description of what is expected of them in a…
Job Description Template
Template job description
Applicant Letters
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Telephone Screening Questions
A candidate's answers to key phone screening interview questions can allow you to speedily identify the most promising candidates.
Shortlisting Matrix
The purpose of short-listing is to identify those candidates who best meet the selection criteria and are most likely to…
Shortlisting Guidelines
This guide sets out the purpose of short-listing and the methodology to help recruit the most suitable candidate.
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Application for Employment Form
Sample Application for Employment Form that can be used in any business
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Alternative Assessment Methods
Suggested alternatives to interviewing
Interview Summary Form
Form to summarise interview responses and feedback
Interview Questions Template – Supervisor
Competency based interview questions and scoring template for a supervisory role
Interview Questions Template – front line team member
Competency based interview questions and scoring template for a front line role
Guide to Behavioural Interviewing
Extensive guide to educate in-house recruiters on behavioural based interviewing
Selection Panel Checklist
Selection panel checklist of responsibilities
Recruitment Checklist Template
Hiring new talent for your organisation is as easy or difficult as the process you follow when recruiting. Since one…
Reference Checking
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Reference Checklist Template (written reference)
This proforma may be used as a model on which to base a letter to a referee following a successful…
Reference Checklist Template (Telephone Reference)
This reference checklist template (verbal reference) form may be used as a model on which to base a telephone or…


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