Unsuccessful Application Letter

Letter from company to inform applicant they have been unsuccessful

Unsuccessful Application Letter

During the recruitment process, some applicants may be suitable enough to get the position while the rest is scratched off the list. Here, as an HR professional, you need to convey the rejection through a formal unsuccessful application letter. Writing an unsuccessful application letter can be confusing sometimes since it can be a failure notification to a wide group of job applicants. This letter is important to notify the applicants that they have been screened out. You must appreciate their efforts, motivate and encourage them to apply again for another job opening.

What to include in the letter?

Sending an unsuccessful application letter will show high professionalism while protecting your company from discrimination. It also provides the feedback for the candidate’s improvement. So, the letter should be brief, considerate, and straight. Getting an unsuccessful application letter is disappointing for the applicants. However, a well-composed rejection letter can minimize the heartbreak while encouraging the applicant to keep up with the job search.

Initiate the letter with thanking the candidate for showing interest in the position of your company. Convey that you regret to inform that the applicant will not be pursuing his/her candidacy for this position. Mention the reasons for being disqualified from the position clearly. Lastly, wish the applicants good luck for their future endeavours.

Key points

  • Use your company’s letter heading
  • Make the letter brief
  • Address the applicant with his or her name in the salutation
  • Thank the candidate
  • State your decision
  • Include supportive words
  • End with a greeting and a signature

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