Recruitment Approval Policy

Recruitment approval is used to initiate the recruitment and selection process. The recruitment approval process should include authorisation by all levels of management and once authorisation has been confirmed by Human Resources, the recruitment and selection process can commence.

Recruitment Approval Policy

Recruitment is one of the crucial functions of human resource management. But before initiating the hiring process, it is suggested that a number of specific steps are taken by an employer. To initiate the recruitment process, HR needs to get recruitment approval from management. A request to advertise with a position description attached is required to start the recruitment and selection process. It should be forwarded to the relevant delegate for approval. A recruitment approval policy outlines all these factors and regulates the recruitment approval process in your company.

Importance of Recruitment Approval

Workforce planning and proper allocation of funds are required to initiate the recruitment process. This can be done by coordinating efforts between the department that has the recruitment need, finance and the HR department. The employer needs to ensure that all the resources are available and have been properly allocated before starting the recruitment process. First of all, a Staff Recruitment Approval process is created to ensure authorisation by all levels of management.

The authorisation is then confirmed by human resource personnel. Once all required approvals are obtained, HR can carry out the recruitment and selection process. A recruitment approval policy describes the rules and regulations for this pre-recruitment phase to ensure a thorough recruitment process. A template with all the key details can help you carry out the recruitment process approval effectively without missing any step.

Key Steps Prior To Recruitment

  • Update position description
  • Complete a recruitment and advertising request
  • Budget justification for recruitment
  • Confirm selection methodology
  • Prepare selection panel
  • Discuss advertising preferences

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