Reference Checklist Template (written reference)

This proforma may be used as a model on which to base a letter to a referee following a successful interview

Reference Checklist Template: Use to Confirm New Hire Experience and Expertise

Checking references is an important part of the hiring process. You want to make sure your candidates have the qualities, skills, and experience required to fulfil the expectations of their position.

Unfortunately, you can’t just go off of an applicant’s CV, as the information may be embellished. It’s a good idea to speak with several references that worked with or were the supervisor of your candidate. To help ensure your reference checks are consistent and streamlined, use HR Expert’s Reference Checklist Template. The template includes valuable sample questions and topics that will provide information, not only about the individual’s work performance but also their overall personality. You can use this template as a form to send to references digitally, or simply use it as a guide when talking to references via phone.

Important Topics to Review

Within the Reference Checklist Template, you’ll find these topics of questions:

Employment verification to include dates of employment, title and salary history

Major responsibilities or tasks
Performance of employee, including any awards or concerns
Employee attendance
Strengths and weaknesses
Interpersonal skills
Is employee rehire eligible
Also, keep in mind that some businesses may have restrictions on what any current employee can say about another. So, you may be limited to straight facts and should not include opinion or evaluation of the candidate. Thus, your template may need to be adjusted depending on what information you can share.

Why Check References

Everything you currently know about your candidate was supplied by them. It’s important to get an outside perspective on your future employee. By receiving confirmation from others, you can feel confident in extending an offer of employment.

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