Recruitment Policy

The HR Expert Australia recruitment policy provides a framework, structure and standard for all company hiring managers engaged in the recruitment and selection of new employees.

Recruitment Policy

The HR Expert Australia recruitment policy is a statement of principles describing how an organisation should conduct its recruitment process. The policy defines the objectives to be met in recruitment implementation that is aimed at hiring competent individuals. The recruitment and selection process needs to be transparent and unbiased. It should solely rely on merit and best-fit with your organizational values, philosophy, and goals. Only the ability, qualifications and competencies are what that needs to be counted while hiring without having regard to discrimination factors, such as race and gender. A recruitment policy helps to eliminate all forms of unfair discrimination and bias in the recruitment and selection process.

Importance of recruitment policy

To keep pace with the rapidly evolving business environment, a well-defined recruitment policy is essential for organizations to respond to its human resource requirements in time. A clear and concise recruitment policy helps the employer to effectively recruit the right candidate with the ability to accomplish the task effectively. A suitable recruitment policy is a key to a sound recruitment process. The policy provides a framework for the implementation of recruitment and the objective of the recruitment program. The policy must frame your company’s preferred hiring practices. It should promote consistency within your employee recruiting process.

Principles of recruitment policy

  • Respect for diversity
  • Ethical decision making
  • Selection according to merit
  • Equal treatment for all
  • Procedural fairness

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