Guide to Behavioural Interviewing

Extensive guide to educate in-house recruiters on behavioural based interviewing

Guide to Behavioural Interviewing

Behavioural interviewing is a process of analysing candidates on the basis of their past experiences. In this process, the recruiter asks the interviewee about how they have demonstrated certain behaviours, knowledge, skills, and abilities. The answers to behavioural interview questions often reveal a candidate’s actual level of experience and potential to handle similar situations in your organization. These interview questions should be pointed, inquisitive and specific.

Significance of behavioural interviewing

Behavioural interviewing is a part of the structured interview process that aims at objectively analysing and comparing candidates by asking a specific set of job-relevant questions. This straightforward approach confines the discretion for each interviewer while making it easier for the employer to evaluate and compare applicants fairly. There are also some added advantages to using behavioural interviews beyond their structured approach.

As behavioural interviews are based on job analysis and requirements, bias and ambiguity are minimized. Also, it may increase the perception of fairness among candidates due to its job-relatedness and consistency. The open-ended questions involved in behavioural interviewing strategies can elicit a more detailed response from the candidate than a traditional interview question. The questions about the past scenarios give the interviewer a fairly reliable look into his or her professional future.

What to include in the behavioural interview?

  • Question about teamwork
  • Leadership Interview Questions
  • Questions to analyse the conflict handling and problem-solving skills
  • Ask about biggest failure
  • Work ethic interview question
  • Question about greatest accomplishment
  • Intellectual fluency questions

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