Reference Check Flowchart

The HR Expert Australia Reference Check Flowchart details the reference check process prior to an offer of employment.

Reference Check Flowchart

A reference check is usually done when an employer contacts an applicant’s previous employer or other external sources to verify their employment history, experience and much more.

Reference checking is an easy, painless and quick process but it can be cumbersome if the recruiter forgets to ask something about the potential new employee. A Reference Check Flowchart can streamline the process. It features step-by-step information about what to ask while cross-checking the employee’s background so that you won’t miss any crucial steps.

The significance of a Reference Check Flowchart

A Reference Check plays an important role in verifying a candidate’s previous background before hiring them. Hiring an employee without checking references and their background is like putting a square peg in a round hole. Although you’ll be conducting a thorough interview before hiring them, the interview will only tell the employees story. So how will you know that you are hiring the right person?

Steps to follow to help obtain a useful reference:

Some critical areas you may wish to check, include:

  • Asking the current or previous manager why the candidate left/wants to leave
  • Asking what are the candidates key strengths
  • Asking what are the candidates’ areas of development
  • Obtain information on conduct, reliability and how they contributed to the workplace culture

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