Shortlisting Matrix

The purpose of short-listing is to identify those candidates who best meet the selection criteria and are most likely to be capable of carrying out the duties of the job.

Shortlisting Matrix

Shortlisting is a valuable bridge between applications and interviews. With the number of applications growing all the time, recruiters are finding it more daunting to handle. Short-listing is the crucial step in the selection process. Evaluating how candidates match up to your selection criteria is vital to objectively assess the candidates who should be considered further in the next part of the selection process. A shortlisting matrix is a valuable hiring tool that enables you to objectively compare an applicant’s credentials to a job vacancy and select candidates based on established job-related criteria. It offers equal employment opportunities to all applicants while ensuring that the selection decisions are made only on lawful and non-discriminatory criteria.

How to develop a selection matrix?

For developing a selection matrix, the selection panel needs to thoroughly analyze the position’s required and preferred qualifications and job functions. Begin with deciding the technical and performance job skills you wish to evaluate through the selection matrix. Identify the required qualifications while reviewing the application and organize them into general categories on the matrix. Next, you need to figure out the qualifications or skills that must be observed in an interview. Discern the responses to interview questions and arrange them into categories. Lastly, create a numeric rating system for the matrix to score the applicants.

Key points

  • Applicant’s name
  • Essential criteria
  • Desirable criteria
  • Score
  • Summary of the applicant’s work experience relevant to the role
  • Brief description of how the applicant meets the requirements for the role

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