Recruitment Flowchart

The HR Expert Australia Recruitment Flowchart lists all the steps to follow when conducting the recruitment process.

Recruitment Flowchart

Recruitment is considered a key HR duty. It consists of handling large volumes of information at different stages of the progress. A recruitment flowchart is an ideal tool that describes the complexity of recruitment and the process your organisation should follow. The HR Expert Australia recruitment flowchart contains the step-by-step process that all hiring managers and HR team members can easily follow.

Significance of Recruitment Flowchart

Hiring a new employee takes more effort than just posting an ad. While conducting the recruitment process, there is a great chance that you recruit the wrong candidate. An undeserving candidate serves as a bad resource for the company, which can lead to hefty losses and productivity issues. The recruitment process is something that needs to be carefully planned. If you are managing the recruitment process, make sure you have a road map for the recruitment process.

Steps to Follow

The recruitment process, from beginning to end has multiple stages, which is altogether can be referred to as the recruitment lifecycle. Whenever you are recruiting new employees, follow these steps.

  • Start with the recruitment requisition and recruitment approval process
  • Advertise the job in line with the selection criteria
  • Collect applications and filter them as suitable or unsuitable
  • Assess the candidates against the selection criteria
  • Schedule screening interviews
  • After the screening interviews, assess against selection criteria
  • Schedule face to face interviews with the hiring manager(s)
  • After the second interview, assess against selection criteria
  • Conduct background checks
  • Determine the outcome

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