Unsuccessful After Interview Letter

Letter from company to inform applicant they have been unsuccessful after attending an interview

Unsuccessful After Interview Letter

Not all the candidates who show up for interview are selected for the position. There will be some applicants whom you need to reject. The process of rejection requires a formal letter to convey the rejection to the applicants. Creating a letter for this purpose requires more than just saying a “No” to the applicant. It needs the words of appreciation and encouragement to lessen the blow of refusal. Rejecting candidates with grace gives them a positive experience and would leave a good lasting impression towards your company. A template with guidelines to create an effective letter will ease up the task for you.

What to include the letter?

You know that first impression matters whether it is an offer letter or a rejection after interview letter. Hence the letter should be drafted in a template with a proper company letterhead. Maintain the professionalism and try to keep it short as nobody likes to read the rejection letter. Thank the candidate for applying for the profile in your company and attending the interview. Then convey the message in a straightforward, short and polite way. Address the applicant by the correct salutation followed by his/her name and compliment the candidates’ skills or experience to boost their confidence. Lastly, wrap up the letter with sincere thanks and a courteous salutation with a proper signature.

Key points

  • Applicant Details and Salutation
  • Reason/s for Rejection
  • Factors considered
  • Sincere Compliments
  • Positive Close

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