WHS Induction Handbook

Workplace work health safety handbook covering WHS rules, managing risk and controls, first aid, manual handling and office ergonomics

WHS Induction Handbook

The WHS or ‘Workplace Health and Safety Induction Handbook’ provides information about WHS rules and regulations, managing risk and controls, first aid, manual handling and office ergonomics. It provides practical guidance on a range of workplace health and safety issues and focuses on the legislation. In addition to training employees to follow the company’s safety policies and procedures, the WHS induction handbook also helps you in ensuring that everything required by law is in place.

What to include in the WHS Induction Handbook

A healthy and safe workplace induction starts with spotting and understanding the work-related health and safety risks especially those with the potential to cause people serious injury or illness. After identifying the risks, the next step is to take the appropriate step to eliminate or, minimize those risks. All workers should have access to first aid kit with basic equipment for administering first aid for injuries.

The WHS induction handbook should include duties regarding safety, consultative arrangements, key regulations and codes of practice. It should also mention the workplace policies and procedures to report hazards, incidents, and injuries. It should enlist the major potential hazards in the workplace, potential effects, emergency evacuation procedures, first aid arrangements and who the first aiders are. On top of this, training specific needs for each employee to ensure that they can do the job in a healthy and safe manner should also be considered.  

Key topics

  • Identifying hazards and risks in the workplace
  • Special protective equipment
  • Employee training
  • Safe work practices
  • Work health and safety legislation
  • Emergency procedures

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