WHS Committee Election Process and Meeting Format

Process outlining the WHS committee election process, committee aims, scope, membership and meeting format.

WHS Committee Election Process and Meeting Format

The purpose of creating a Work Health and Safety (WHS) committee is to ensure that workers’ views are heard on WHS matters. The members of the WHS committee need to identify and resolve health and safety problems to formulate and monitor safe work systems and procedure. Hence a proper election process should be carried out to find the employee representatives with the potential to handle the safety issues.

How to conduct the WHS committee election?

The election method can be determined by the workers and management. However, an election must comply with the procedures prescribed by the committee election process set by an organisation. The person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must provide the required resources, facilities and assistance to enable elections to be conducted.

Complying with the legislative health and safety requirements is important for all businesses. However, satisfying work health and safety (WHS) legislation is the least constraint for committee success. Setting objectives are a great way to reinforce your organisation’s health and safety program. All workers should be informed of the nomination and election processes being held and must have the right to nominate for the position. Fair voting should be conducted, and the necessary training must be given to the selected members for workplace safety.

Responsibilities of the WHS committee

  • Reviewing and evaluating safety investigation reports
  • Reviewing and evaluating health and safety plans
  • Gathering health and safety suggestions from employees
  • Providing feedback on safety-related material
  • Recommending actions to resolve health and safety concerns
  • Recommending health and safety strategies, policies, and programs

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