Hazard Checklist

The HR Expert Australia hazard checklist, also known as a hazard assessment form, is a tool used by safety officers in performing hazard assessments.

Hazard Checklist

Hazards exist in every workplace, and by identifying hazards that have the most potential to harm workers, you will be better prepared to control them. Assessing the hazard information can prevent accidents, injuries, property damage and downtime. Conducting a thorough hazard assessment of all work environments makes a key step of the safety protocol. Regular inspections of potential hazards will keep the employees safe and help with your organization’s compliance efforts. A hazard checklist helps to clarify inspection responsibilities, control inspection activities and prevent future injuries.

Importance of a Hazard Checklist

Periodic inspection at workplaces for safety procedures, personal protective equipment and emergency exit ensures the safety at the workplace. It makes sure that the business operation is up to code and functioning well. Meanwhile, a hazard checklist involving specific items recorded for future reference make inspections concrete and improves operations and safety. It provides guidelines to accomplish a prompt inspection while increasing the confidence of workers in machinery and safety procedures.

Checklists can enhance inspections by providing step-by-step methods for analysing equipment, workspaces, and tasks. Another significance of checklists is it can make inspections systematic and well documented. Ultimately, it helps in identifying problems before they cause accidents, which results in a safe environment for employees. A safe working environment is good for morale as well as the company’s bottom line.

What to include in the hazard checklist?

  • Keep floors clear of any debris
  • Check staircases for any tripping hazards
  • Proper lighting
  • Emergency procedures
  • First-Aid Kits
  • Protective equipment
  • Machines and power tools

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