Pregnancy Safety Risk Assessments

Workplace risk assessments for pregnancy safety

Pregnancy Safety Risk Assessments

Pregnancy Safety Risk Assessments is the process carried out by employers to comply with the safety and welfare of the pregnant employee at the workplace. When an employee notifies the employer that she is pregnant, the employer is under an obligation to remove or prevent exposure to any significant risk to the employee or the child. Noise, vibration, excessive heat, weight and stress can be abrupt and can give rise to excessive fatigue. This can be a significant risk to unborn children and expectant mother. Hence these risks or hazards should be identified, even in the early stages.

The significance of Pregnancy Safety Risk Assessments

A specific assessment of the workplace should be undertaken, once the employer receives written notification of a pregnancy. Some circumstances may not be suitable during the pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The assessment will highly rely on the type of workplace and the kind of work the employee performs. The employer must monitor and review the risk assessment to ensure all the possible risks are eliminated. Safety risk assessment is crucial as there may be some factors that can be harmful to the pregnant worker as well as her unborn child.

Key Points

  • Physical risks
  • Biological agents
  • Chemical threats
  • Working conditions

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