Hazard Report Form

Form to report all workplace hazards

Hazard Report Form

Just like production and quality, safety is also a vital part of any business. It affects production, quality, and also your financial results. To maintain a healthy and safe environment in the workplace, you must identify and report the risks and hazards at the workplace that may cause injury or illness to your workers. Hence all the employees should be aware of the potential hazard to eliminate the possibility of injuries. A hazard report form is used by the employees to report a hazard in the workplace.

Importance of hazard report form

Accidents or mishaps in the workplace could be damaging to any organization. It can affect the organizational operations and the livelihood of the employees. Recording and reporting incidents in the workplace can reduce or eliminate similar accident from happening again. The most practical way of managing hazards is through a hazard report form. The form should contain the details of hazards so that the risks can be managed to protect the workers.

As an employer, you must present a safe workplace to your employees. It may not be possible for you to be personally knowledgeable about the hazards of the work performed. Encourage your workers to report the unsafe conditions that exist in the workplace. A form including the details places the duty and obligation on the employer. It is your responsibility to address the unsafe working conditions and resolve the issue to ensure a safe working environment.

What to include on the form?

  • Name
  • Date
  • Location
  • Equipment
  • Description of the hazard
  • Suggested corrective action
  • Remarks
  • Corrective action is taken
  • Signature

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