WHS Statement of Intent

Organisational WHS statement of intent detailing company commitment to creating a safe and healthy working environment

WHS Statement of Intent

The WHS Statement of intent makes the foundation for an organization’s approach to managing health and safety at work. It acts as an overview of your business intent regarding health and safety management, and an outline of responsibilities. The statement should reflect a clear and unequivocal commitment of the management to maintain health and safety at work.

The significance of WHS statement of intent

Safety shouldn’t get in the way of effective business management. This is why you should have safety measures and policies in place. A great way to commence this process is by providing the safety training to employees. WHS Statement of intent is a great way to outline the safety needs and objectives of the organization. The management of health and safety is an integral part of any business function. This enables the company to maintain the productivity while managing and conducting its work activities. The detailed arrangements for achieving these objectives should be included in the WHS statement of intent.

What to include in WHS statement of intent?

  • Compliance by the organization with the supplies of relevant legislation
  • Assessment of all risks in the workplace
  • The provision to all workers of the necessary information, instruction and training to ensure their safety
  • Consultation with the workforce on health and safety issues
  • Provision of sufficient resources to secure the safety targets
  • Training related to health and safety

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