Injury Notification Flowchart

The HR Expert Australia Injury Notification Flowchart outlines the steps to follow in the instance of an employee injury or incident in the workplace.

Flow Chart Notification of Injury

When an employee is injured at work, certain procedures must be followed. As an employer, you are responsible for attempting to prevent workplace injuries by providing a safe place to work for your employees. If a worker is hurt in the workplace, you must make sure that a report of injury and other relevant documents are completed. You need to ensure that you do not violate any laws or rights of the injured employee.

The significance of notification of injury flowchart

A workplace injury can be disruptive to both employees and employers. It could impact the employee’s capability of doing their job. Most importantly, if proper care is not taken regarding the hazard, more people could be hurt. This is something you should avoid as an employer. The workplace should be as safe as reasonably practicable to work in and this is why documenting and reporting an injury as soon as it occurs is crucial for everyone.

Once you receive a notice of a workplace injury, you are obliged to act upon the information and ensure that the employee receives the help they need and return them to work at the earliest opportunity. Having a flowchart with steps to follow can guide you throughout the process while complying with the law.

Steps to follow

  • Obtain immediate medical attention
  • Report incident to supervisor/employer
  • Secure the accident site and preserve evidence
  • Investigate and gather facts
  • Evaluate findings
  • Identify the causes of the incident
  • Report findings
  • Implement corrective actions
  • Evaluate effectiveness

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