WHS Return to Work Program

Return to work program setting out the companies commitment, procedures for injury notification, recovery, return to work, suitable duties and dispute resolution

WHS Return to Work Program

A return to work program is the summary of the process used by the employer to manage workers with work-related injuries or illnesses. The process may include providing the employee with suitable or pre-injury employment, establishing and maintaining risk management and preparing return to work plans for injured workers and nominating a return to work coordinator.

The significance of WHS returns to work program

When a worker goes through illness or injury, it often impacts their ability to perform their tasks, especially in more labor-intensive jobs. Once your employee can work, it is in everyone’s best interest to return him or her to work in some capacity. This can be done using a formal approach called as a return to work programs. As an employer, you must ensure that the recovering worker gets less strenuous work or have them work at a slower rate.

These programs are effective as they provide benefits to not only the employee but also to your company. It helps your organization to anticipate and control hidden costs, reduce the financial impact of the workplace, give a proactive approach to cost containment. It also improves your ability to manage an injury claim and restrictions while getting your experienced employees back to work. This ultimately results in less time and expense on recruiting.

How to conduct WHS return to work program?

  • Obtain information about your worker’s capacity
  • Communicate and consult with the worker
  • Consider reasonable workplace support
  • Aids or modifications to assist in return to work
  • Assess and propose options for pre-injury employment
  • Provide suitable employment
  • Monitor your worker’s progress

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