Risk Assessments General Office

General office risk assessments

Risk Assessments General Office

A risk assessment is a systematic way of observing the work activities to identify what could go wrong and decide control measures to prevent loss, damage or injury in the workplace. The required steps should be taken to eliminate, reduce or minimize the risks. Internal assessments of risks in office are a great way to uncover risk. The employer is responsible for providing a safe place to work. When this obligation is not upheld, it also impacts the reputation of a company. Conducting an effective risk assessment in your workplace will help you revel the security threats at your office and better comply with workplace safety regulations. It is the first step to create and maintain a healthier work environment.

Importance of risk assessment

Ensuring the safety of all employees while at work is mandatory. Workplace safety is a major concern for the employers and employees. If the employer is unaware of the risks in the workplace, the safety of entire organization can be hampered. Hence, every employer must conduct a thorough examination of the workplace and its functions to stay updated on any new risks or hazards in the work place. Some risks if not uncovered in time can affect the ability of employees to complete their work. An effective risk management ensures safety matters don’t fall through the cracks. When promptly accomplished, the risk assessment can identify areas of risk and helps you make the workplace safer.

Steps to follow

  • Identify the risks
  • Carryout risk assessment
  • Decide the precautions
  • Record findings
  • Review the program
  • Update as necessary

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