Discipline & Termination Flowchart

The HR Expert Australia Discipline & Termination Flowchart details the discipline, warning and termination process in an easy to follow, step by step process.

Discipline & Termination Flowchart

Discipline & Termination Flowchart assists employers to follow the required steps when dealing with a disciplinary process. Just saying ‘you are fired’ is not the end of the story when terminating an employee.

In reality, the termination process includes much more complicated procedures and steps that you need to follow. This is where the role of a legally compliant flowchart comes in handy.  A detailed flowchart detailing the step by step process of discipline and termination makes the task much easier for the employer.

The Significance of a Discipline & Termination Flowchart

While dealing with a disciplinary process, there is a possibility of an unfair dismissal claim even with guidance. A sloppy termination can lead to legal liability for your organisation. Discipline and termination procedures are a time-sensitive procedure that needs to be well planned.

Some employees may accept their termination with grace. However, a rogue ex-employee with access to important documents can cause severe damage to your business. The solution? Have a plan in place. The HR Expert Australia Discipline and Termination Flowchart make sure your process is completed logically and legally according to procedural fairness rules.

Steps to Follow

Follow these general principles for a fair process:

  • Determine whether there is a valid reason to start disciplinary action
  • Inform the employee of the allegation
  • Investigate the allegations
  • Conduct a formal meeting
  • Allow the employee to respond to all allegations
  • Make further investigations if required
  • Arrange a second formal meeting
  • Decide the action to be taken
  • Make a preliminary decision
  • Make a final decision

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