Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Template Employee of the Month Nomination Form aligned to company values.

An Employee of the Month Nomination Form

When an employee gets a pat on the back as an employee of the month, it matters a lot. Especially when the award is given to the worker recognised by their peers for the contributions, it makes them feel motivated. It not only acts as a confidence booster but also adds a bit of professional credibility to his/her resume. Although the management generally set the criteria for an employee of the month recognition, getting nominated by other colleagues can provide extra accolades. The employee of the month nomination form helps an employer to select the best performer of the month without being biased.

What should the nomination form include?

The workers who perform their duties at an outstanding level deserve a reward and an employee of the month recognition program is a great way to do that. The first step to accomplish the process is to ask the employees to nominate the staff whom they feel like the best performer for that month. A nomination form is what you need to initiate the process.

The form should include the purpose of the employee of the month program that is to honour the best performer. Instruct the employees to mention the name of the employee they want to nominate for this award. List the criteria for selection and details of job duties. The form should also include the reasons for nominating the employee with details.

Key points

  • Name of the employee they want to nominate
  • Reasons for nominating
  • Details of job duties
  • Details of performance

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