No Show And Unauthorised Absence Flowchart

The HR Expert Australia No Show And Unauthorised Absence Flowchart details the steps an employer should take when handling an unauthorised work absence.

No Show and Unauthorised Absence Flowchart

There can be occasions when you have an employee who fails to show up for work. Or maybe there is an employee who fails to call in sick.

The HR Expert Australia No Show and Unauthorised Absence Flowchart will assist employers with all the required steps to deal with unapproved absences from work. The flowchart ensures that absences are dealt with efficiently, in the best interests of the company and employees. It is a step by step process of managing absent workers.

The Significance of a No Show and Unauthorised Absence Process

The management of workplace attendance is an important aspect of supervision at work. Whilst dealing with an unauthorised absence, there should be a workplace process you follow to ensure all decisions made are fair.

Our step-by-step flowchart ensures the process is completed appropriately and in a timely manner. Moreover, effective efforts to manage absenteeism may result in significant savings and higher workplace productivity.

Steps to Follow

Whenever you are required to deal with the unapproved absence of employees, make sure you follow these steps for a fair process:

  • Try and contact the employee as soon as possible.
  • If the employee establishes a genuine reason, discuss the duration of absence.
  • Record the date along with the reason for the employee absence.
  • If the employee fails to attend work for 3 consecutive days, write to the employee as this may turn out to be an abandonment of employment situation
  • Follow the HR Expert Australia No Show and Unauthorised Absence Flowchart

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