Probation Dismissal Flowchart

The HR Expert Australia Probation Dismissal Flowchart details the best practice stages to follow when a new employee is not working out in their probation period.

Probation Dismissal Flowcharts

As an employer, recruiting a new employee can be both exciting and nerve-racking. But, what do you do if the employee is not suitable for your workplace after they have started?

When the proverbial cookie crumbles, you must be aware of your rights and obligations. When you have the complete knowledge about the legal steps to follow, it’ll be easier for you to make a fair decision regarding probation dismissal.  If you have an employee who is not working out in their probation period, the HR Expert Australia probation dismissal flowchart will assist with the steps to take when planning a probation dismissal to ensure that the termination is lawful and respectful.

The Significance of a Probation Dismissal

You thought you hired the perfect candidate. But soon you realise your new hire isn’t pulling their weight during the probation period. You regret your hiring decision and need to take action. What do you do? Although they are on probation, you need to make sure you dismiss your employee fairly.

Having a template detailing a probation dismissal process will lend you a helping hand to make the process painless.

Some steps to follow prior to the dismissal process

  • Understand and document the performance standards of the employee
  • Evaluate their performance against the required standards
  • Ensure that they have been given proper instruction and training
  • Counsel the employee on poor performance
  • Try to resolve the problems and come to a joint agreement
  • Identify the reasons for poor performance
  • Develop a plan of action to fix the problems
  • Give the employee reasonable time to improve
  • Consider dismissal if all ways of getting them to improve their performance have been utilised
  • Give the employee a chance to explain their performance or conduct before being dismissed

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