Letter of Employment (Statement of Service)

A Letter of Employment (also known as a Statement of Service) is a simple document which confirms that an employee is/was employed and provides brief details regarding their employment.

Streamline Employment Verification with HR Expert’s Letter of Employment (Statement of Service) Template

Are you searching for a reliable employment verification letter (Statement of Service) template? Simplify the process of verifying employment details with HR Expert’s comprehensive resources. As a member of HR Expert, you gain access to a wide range of templates, including letters, forms, and documents.

What Is an Employment Verification Letter?

An employment verification letter is a crucial document requested by employees when they need to confirm their employment history. You might also receive requests from prospective landlords or financial institutions seeking this confirmation. This letter serves as official proof that an individual is currently or previously employed by your organisation, specifying the dates and job title, thus validating the information provided to third parties.

Why Is Employment Verification Important?

Financial institutions often require employment verification to validate applications for mortgages and personal loans. This verification assures them of an applicant’s employment status and salary. To assist HR professionals in this process, HR Expert provides a meticulously crafted employment verification letter template. Use it as a foundation for creating letters to confirm a current or former employee’s tenure.

Handling Requests from Government Agencies

In addition to banks, landlords, and businesses, government entities may also request employment verification, particularly for visa applications. It’s essential to understand your legal obligations in such cases, and we recommend consulting your legal counsel for clarity.

Consider Including a Consent Form

When responding to employment verification requests, consider obtaining a signed consent form from the current or former employee. This adds an extra layer of assurance that you are sharing information with the individual’s consent, enhancing privacy and compliance. You can easily incorporate this consent statement into the letter template.

Essential Components of an Employment Verification Letter Template

When using our template, ensure it adheres to a typical business letter format, ideally featuring your company letterhead. Keep the content concise and fact-based, avoiding any commentary on the employee’s performance. Typically, include details such as the employee’s name, department, specific title, dates of employment, and, if requested, salary information. Don’t forget to provide your contact information for further inquiries.

For current employees, mention the date they began working and confirm their ongoing employment status. It’s crucial to refrain from including any additional personal information or personnel records in the letter.

How to Utilise HR Expert’s Employment Verification Letter Template

HR Expert offers exclusive access to employment verification letter templates for its members. Review the template carefully to ensure it aligns with the specific request’s requirements and adheres to your organisation’s guidelines. While the template provides a solid foundation, be prepared to customise it as needed for each request.

Ensuring Accurate Verifications

To prevent the need for revisions, always use a reputable employment verification letter template. Verify the legitimacy of the requesting organisation to protect sensitive information. Stick to the essential facts in the verification, including the employee’s name, title, and employment duration. Only disclose salary information if explicitly requested. Consider implementing a consent form for sharing employment information with specific parties, enhancing both compliance and privacy.

At HR Expert Australia, we are committed to simplifying HR processes and supporting professionals like you. Our employment verification letter template is designed to make your job easier and more efficient. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated team. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

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