Time in Lieu Record Form

This form is to be completed to record time in lieu accrued and taken.

Time in Lieu Record Form

When employees work extra hours and take time off from work instead of receiving payment for overtime, the concept is called Time in Lieu. Also referred to as TOIL (time off in lieu), it is now common practice in many organisations, especially in highly-paid roles where employees often are not paid overtime as part of their contract terms. If you employ staff under a Modern Award, be sure to refer to the Award for specific details surrounding overtime.

Time in Lieu Record Form: How to Use It Properly?

Recognition of extra work hours by an employee must be agreed with the employee’s line manager and should be managed according to the service delivery needs.

When employees work outside their regular working hours, the employer should record those hours and authorise them. It is the duty of the team leader or line manager to authorise time in lieu.

Fields to include in Time in Lieu Record Form

  • Date
  • Name and position of the employee
  • Reason for additional work
  • From Time – To Time
  • Total Hours Accrued
  • Authorised by field

When designing the Time in Lieu record form, make sure you include all guidelines and special instructions to keep everything clear to all parties involved.

Taking Time Off in Lieu

The line manager should make sure that the employee takes back additional work hours as soon as possible, normally within one month. If it’s not possible due to service delivery needs, managers should plan with their staff to take the lieu time within a specific timeline of its accrual. Employees can’t transfer lieu time from one department or post to another. All lieu time must be taken before the internal transfer or leaving employment.

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