Internal Investigation Interview Protocol Template

The Internal Investigation Interview Protocol Template provides both the interviewee and the interviewer the opportunity to sign off and agree to the protocols surrounding the investigation process.

Internal Investigation Interview Protocol

When you uncover any alleged misconduct by an employee that may be violating company rules, it must be taken seriously. Insider threats can be as harmful to an organisation as external threats. It can be in different forms such as theft of physical or intellectual assets, sexual harassment or any inappropriate forms of behaviour. You need to uncover the truth about alleged misconduct in your organisation and this is what an internal investigation is all about.

However, an internal investigation begins with an effective interview process with suspects and witnesses to disclose the matter. There are some protocols to follow while interviewing and you must be aware of such regulations and policy involved in the process.  A template with a detailed list of protocols can help you out in lessening the hassle.

Steps to be undertaken at the outset of an internal investigation

  • Have clearly written policies
  • Document your investigation
  • Establish the investigation time frame
  • Maximise confidentiality
  • Interview suspects
  • Collect documents and evidence
  • Obtain written statements

Internal Investigation Interview

It is important to take detailed notes of each allegation that you are investigating while interviewing the accused and any witnesses. Ensure that the process is free from any bias or subjectivity. Here are some essential questions to ask while interviewing:

  • Exactly what happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • Who was present?
  • How did it happen and who did or said what?
  • Could it have been avoided?
  • Is there any documentary evidence?
  • Who else may have relevant information?

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