Letter to Employee – Invite to a Discipline Hearing Meeting (Performance or Misconduct)

Template letter inviting an employee to a discipline hearing meeting for either performance or misconduct issues.

Letter to Employee – Invite to a Discipline Hearing Meeting (Performance or Misconduct)

If an employer feels there are sufficient grounds for a discipline meeting with an employee, a disciplinary meeting should be arranged. An employee should always be given a chance to respond to any allegations put to them. So, you need to invite the employee to a meeting to make the process fair. Employee discipline meetings can be a nerve-racking process even for the most seasoned HR professional. Despite the abundance of evidence an employer may have against an employee, there is still a risk of an unfair dismissal claim. So, a well-designed template letter to an employee inviting them to a disciplinary hearing setting out all the required information is essential.

What to include in the letter?

Start with informing the employees that they need to attend a disciplinary meeting due to either a conduct/misconduct or performance issue. Describe the allegations that have been made against the employee. Enclosing copies of relevant documents and statements derived from the investigation may also be considered. Ensure that the date and time of the meeting are included along with the names of who from the company is conducting the meeting and who is taking notes. The letter should include the purpose of the hearing in clear words and also contain the likely outcome if the allegations are found to be true. It is best practice to offer the employee an opportunity to bring a support person to the meeting.

Key Points

  • Detail the allegations that will be discussed in the meeting
  • Outline the date and time of the meeting
  • Ensure the employee has an opportunity to respond to all allegations
  • Consider the employee response and also any other relevant evidence such as documents and statements before making a final decision

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