Letter to Employee – Letter of Concern Following Performance Counselling (No Warning)

Template Letter documenting management concerns following Performance Counselling meeting (No Warning).

Letter to Employee – Letter of Concern Following Performance Counselling (No Warning)

Employees with a passion for achieving the purpose, values, and vision of the organisation are the key to the success of any business. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that your team members are always engaged and motivated.

Performance counselling may not always lead to a warning. This letter of concern will let an employee that their performance is unsatisfactory and needs to improve, however, is not an official warning.

Significance of Letter of Concern Following Performance Counselling

Performance counselling is a formal approach to engage employees so they know where they need to focus their attention. It is a great way to provide employees with information, advice, and assistance to help them contribute fully to the achievement of the organisation’s objectives. Once the performance conversation is completed, and the outcome is concluded, HR Expert recommends that the employee is given a letter of concern regarding the performance evaluation.

Putting concerns or expectations in writing can be a very useful tool in addressing work performance and any behavioural concerns.

Key Points

  • Address the areas of concern
  • Explain what is expected in the future
  • State the improvement needed

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