Letter to Employee – Request to Attend Investigation Interview (Misconduct)

Template letter requesting an employee to attend an investigation interview following allegations of misconduct

Template Letter to Employee – Request to Attend Investigation Interview (Misconduct)

If an issue of serious misconduct or a complaint of bullying or harassment is reported in your company, as an executive, you need to take action and conduct an investigation. The investigation process involves a number of steps and decisions to be made. Depending on the issue, the investigation may be simple or extremely complex, so you need to examine all evidence, documents and data thoroughly and ensure a fair and non-biased investigation interview is carried out.

Any employee subject to an investigation should be informed that an investigation will be undertaken. A letter requesting them to attend an investigation interview is the formal approach to notify an employee of the meeting. It is important that business owners and managers understand how to write a formal investigation letter, which we know can sometimes feel intimidating. The HR Expert Australia template investigation invite letter outlining all the details can reduce the hassle.

What to Include in the letter?

Start with conveying that as a part of an ongoing workplace investigation due to misconduct, the employee is required to attend an investigatory interview. Then outline the potential allegations being made so the employee is fully informed and they understand what they may be asked to talk about including their recollections of any incident. During the investigation, the employee will get the chance to present their perspective on the concerns and queries raised by the employer. It is also important to include the date and time of the meeting, who else may be present and it is best practice to offer them a support person. You may also ask them to provide a signed and dated written statement.

Key Points

  • Provide a summary of the reasons for the investigation interview
  • Think about the practical measures involved such as booking a meeting room and having a minute taker
  • Advise the employee to access the company EAP counselling and support if available
  • Ensure the confidentiality of the investigation interview and process
  • Advise of the date and time of the interview and allow for a support person

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