Letter to Employee – Request to Attend Meeting Regarding Proposed Dismissal (Summary Dismissal)

Template letter requesting an employee attend a meeting regarding their proposed dismissal (summary/instant dismissal) from the Company.

Letter to Employee – Request to Attend a Meeting Regarding Proposed Dismissal (Summary Dismissal)

If you are considering terminating an employees employment, it is important to provide them with the reasons for the proposed termination and give them an opportunity to respond to those reasons, before initiating any termination.

Even if serious misconduct has occurred, and summary dismissal (also known as instant termination) is justified, it is still important to follow the correct process.

Serious misconduct such as theft, fraud, fighting in the workplace, a serious breach of work health safety rules, assaulting someone in the workplace an employer or willfully disobeying a lawful and reasonable instruction from the employer are all reasons an employer may wish to terminate an employee. However, the dismissal must still be procedurally fair, and a formal approach should be followed. The employee should be provided notice to attend the meeting by way of a formal letter.

What to include in the letter?

Notify the employee that summary dismissal is proposed against them due to serious misconduct. Refer to any of the meeting conducted previously (if any). Include the details of the serious misconduct incident, including the date and time it occurred. Include all the necessary details and any evidence. It is important to give the employee notice so they can arrange a support person if they wish, and let them know specifically the date, time and meeting location where you will discuss the proposed dismissal.

Key Points

  • Provide the reason for the meeting along with all allegations
  • Detail any previous warnings, informal, formal, verbal or written
  • Include the date, time and location of the meeting
  • Mention the likely outcome should the allegations be proven
  • Allow the employee to bring a support person

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