Letter to Respondent Enclosing Summary of Allegations

HR Expert Australia template letter to the Respondent Enclosing Summary of Allegations.

Letter to Respondent Enclosing Summary of Allegations

Employee disputes and misconduct are common in any workplace. However, sometimes it can be highly personal, complicated and unpleasant and may have serious consequences. Sensitive issues such as bullying, harassment, discrimination and fraud are difficult to deal with. It could lead to severe problems and unnecessary costs if not addressed immediately.

When an employee is alleged to have violated company rules, as an employer, you need to take the appropriate action. Serious misconduct, such as theft of physical or intellectual assets or sexual harassment, can have serious impacts on the organisation and its reputation.

No matter what the allegation is about, you need to inform the respondent before investigating, following procedural fairness guidelines. A formal letter including the summary of all allegations made against the employee should be sent to the respondent (suspected employee).

What to include in the letter?

The respondent should be given a fair chance to respond to all allegations presented. Hence, as a part of the investigation, the allegations should be provided to the alleged in writing while outlining the main issues. The letter should refer to the relevant policy or code which has led to the potential breach in behaviour, conduct or performance. Provide the accused with a date and time of when the investigation meeting will take place and their requirements around confidentiality and victimisation.

Writing a letter of investigation may be daunting. The HR Expert Australia template letter to a respondent can make the task much easier.

Key points

  • Identify the breach of your company policy or code of conduct
  • Mention the act of misconduct committed by the employee
  • Specify particulars of the allegations
  • Refer location, date and time
  • Refer relevant information and documentation
  • Summarise the employee complaint in writing, outlining the steps that will be taken
  • Provide a brief executive summary of the issue
  • Detail the time and location of the investigation interview
  • Discuss confidentiality
  • Offer Employee Assistance Program counselling and support

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