Letter to Respondent Regarding Workplace Investigation

HR Expert Australia template letter to the Respondent Regarding Workplace Investigation.

Letter to Respondent Regarding Workplace Investigation

Investigations are daunting yet a vital part of workplace management. Thorough and procedurally correct investigation plays a pivotal role prior to instigating discipline or termination action. It offers crucial protection to all employees’ right to procedural fairness. An improper investigation can create the risk of potential liability and other negative consequences.

As an employer, it’s your moral and legal duty to protect the business and employees from misconduct. Informing a respondent that they are the subject of a workplace investigation inquiry is a crucial part of procedural fairness. The HR Expert letter to respondent regarding a workplace investigation template includes all the required information to protect your business.

What to include in the letter?

Before starting the investigation, it is crucial to notify the accused in writing. The letter should enlighten them of all the allegations with as much detail as possible. Include the names, dates, and circumstances of the complainant. Give a clear picture of the investigatory process and the details of legal rights. You should convey that the accused will also be given a fair chance to put forward their side of the story. Lastly, the letter should also include if there are any important actions to be taken such as modification of duties or suspension on full pay until the investigation is complete.

Key Points

  • Detail all allegations to ensure the accused has the ability to make an informed response
  • Include the dates and circumstances surrounding the allegations if known
  • Describe the investigation process details
  • Outline legal rights such as allowing a support person in future meetings and setting the parameters around confidentiality

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