Letter to Witness Regarding Workplace Investigation

Template Letter to a Witness Regarding a Workplace Investigation that they are required to participate in due to their employment.

Letter to Witness Regarding Workplace Investigation

Witnesses play a crucial role in helping set up the relevant facts of a matter during a workplace investigation. Witnesses may have relevant information about the matter at hand that is often an essential part of the investigation. As witness statements can be imperative to the investigation process, it is important to inform the witness they are required to attend an investigation interview. The HR Expert Australia letter regarding a workplace investigation is the formal approach to notify a witness involved in the process.

What to include in the letter?

The witness may already be aware of the subject of the investigation. But, remind them to be open and honest, and that your company has a strong stance on behaviour.

No need to include more details other than that they are a witness in a confidential personnel matter. Start with thanking the witness for participating in the investigation of allegations. Explain how their cooperation can be really helpful to adequately addressing problems.

Reiterate that the company is committed to protecting the witness if he is subjected to any retaliation due to the cooperation in the investigation. Lastly, request the employee to not to disclose any information regarding the investigation with anyone. Notify that they may need to go through the interview as a part of the investigation, so you expect their complete cooperation. Creating a letter including every bit of detail seems daunting. This is why you need a template outlining all the key points to make your task easier.

Key points of the letter

  • Full, honest cooperation is expected
  • There will be no retaliation for cooperating in the investigation
  • Witness has the right to report any apparent retaliation
  • Confidentiality will be observed
  • Allegations shouldn’t be discussed with other employees

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