Letter to Employee – Invitation to a Performance Counselling Session

Performance Counselling Invite - this HR Expert Australia template letter can be used when inviting an employee to attend a Performance Counselling meeting.

Letter to Employee – Performance Counselling Invite

Performance counselling is one of the toughest challenges an employer may face. If an employee is not able to meet the performance standard even after receiving an informal notification, the formal performance counselling process may take place. The meeting involves the discussion of problem areas and methodologies to overcome them. The process may be carried ad-hoc or at specific times and circumstances such as the performance appraisal or probation review. Inviting an employee to a performance counselling session is the first step that a manager needs to take to combat performance concerns.

What to include in the letter?

Inform the employee that you are inviting the employee to discuss their work performance or conduct. Provide the date, time and place of the meeting and explain to the employee that even after providing support and guidance, there is subpar performance.

It is important that the employee feels supported through this process and it is best practice to offer the employee the opportunity to have a support person. If there is a specific issue or problem that has occurred,  you need to include the matter of concerns in detail and provide the employee with an opportunity to respond.

Key points

  • Specify the date and time of the meeting along with the location
  • Specify the issue with the employee’s performance
  • Discuss the expected performance in the meeting
  • Consider any other factors that the employee raises

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