Redundancy Consultation Meeting Conversation Script

Redundancy Consultation Script | Meeting Conversation Script You can use this template redundancy consultation script to provide employees with information about the proposed major workplace changes. This script should specifically be used with employees whose position has been selected for redundancy.

Communicate Proposed Changes Verbally to At-Risk Employees

Communicating effectively with at-risk employees is important during periods when a business is undergoing major workplace change.

Most awards and registered agreements require employers to consult with their employees and registered unions regarding changes, including changes to production, organisation, structure or technology.

An employer should:

  • inform employees at risk about changes within the business that may affect their working arrangements;
  • provide employees with an opportunity to ask questions, and;
  • consider all options and alternatives to redundancies, such as redeployment, job sharing and reduced overtime.


This script is designed to be used as a guide for employers who are having a discussion to notify an employee that their position has been selected for redundancy. Before using this script, employers should ensure that it is in accordance with the circumstances of that particular redundancy. For instance, this script may be of limited utility where the organisation has not yet selected the particular employee/s whose employment may end due to a reduction in the number of positions required. In such a circumstance, the employer would need to first choose between employees using objective selection criteria.