Template – File Note to Document Conduct or Performance Issues

File Note template to document Conduct or Performance issues that can be saved or placed on an employee file

Template – File Note to Document Conduct or Performance Issues

An employee performance discussion is an effective tool for managers and supervisors to motivate employees and set employee goals. Usually, performance reviews are conducted annually or semi-annually. However, an organisation should consider having unscheduled reviews if changes crop up in an employee’s performance or duties. As an employer, HR Expert Australia recommends you keep a detailed record of every performance discussion with an employee.

A fair, accurate and non-biased log of employee performance and behaviour is one of the most important tasks that a manager or supervisor needs to perform after a performance discussion. As file notes will potentially raise their heads during litigation, it is important to understand the significant consequences down the track.

Importance of File Notes to Document Conduct or Performance Issues

Good documentation of employee performance issues makes employment-related claims less of a headache. Documenting employee behaviour and performance after the fact is not that easy as memories aren’t perfect. Recollecting all the important information that needs to be noted is a critical task when dealing with a large base of employees. So, a well-designed template including all essential key points will prevent you missing or forgetting any crucial points.

Key Points

  • Be sure to describe the behaviour or situation and the impact it is having
  • Indicate what you would like to see happen in the future
  • Note any specific questions you wish to ask
  • Start with open questions
  • Ensure you clarify anything you are uncertain of
  • Document any timeline for improvement that was discussed
  • Confirm commitments made by the manager

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