Template – Investigation Report

Investigation report template to capture investigation findings.

Template – Investigation Report

Every workplace will eventually have a situation where an investigation needs to be carried out due to employees conduct or performance. An investigation report is the most crucial part of the investigation to produce a clear picture of the scenario. A well-structured investigation report should provide a snapshot of all the allegations, the background circumstances, and the likely consequences. As an employee’s life can be significantly affected by the conclusions drawn in investigation reports, so it needs to be very precise and accurate.

Purpose of an investigation report

An investigation report forms the basis of any future action like disciplinary proceedings or strategic direction. As the investigation may have a serious impact on the employee’s life, it calls for a thorough consideration of all details and facts. The investigation report is an effective way to present the investigation findings objectively to avoid allegations of bias or a lack of procedural fairness.

It’s imperative to showcase the investigation findings and you can’t skip this critical step. It must be accurate, clear, elaborate and comprehensive. If you are unsure of how to frame a workplace investigation report, our investigation report template will help.

Elements of a good investigation report

  • Organise information in a chronological order
  • Catergorise findings
  • Detail allegations and their status
  • Detail all evidence

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