Bonus Payment Confirmation Letter

Letter confirming bonus amount to be paid to an employee.

Bonus Payment Confirmation Letter
Bonuses inspire employees to improve their performance to satiate business goals. Earning rewards for achievements motivate employees in improving productivity and raising profits. A bonus makes a great tool for ensuring employee loyalty and reducing turnover. The bonus payment involves a formal process that starts with conveying the bonus terms to the employee. Next is the payment confirmation process that involves the confirmation of the bonus amount to be paid to the employee. Writing a bonus payment confirmation letter may be a daunting task to accomplish. This is why we have designed templates to streamline the process of bonus payment confirmation.
What to include in the letter?
Once you decide to reward an employee with a bonus, the next step is to decide the amount (usually calculated upon the achievement of set key performance indicators). A formal letter including the bonus payment confirmation is the right way to convey the amount to be paid to the employee. Start with appreciating the employee for the achievement. Highlight the reason for the bonus and then include the exact amount of the payout to be given to the employee. The letter should motivate the employee to keep thriving to achieve more.
Key points
  • Name of the employee
  • Date
  • Reasons for the bonus payment
  • Date of bonus payment
  • Terms of bonus payment
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