Long Service Recognition Appreciation Letter

Template letter to recognise and reward long service to the company.

Long Service Recognition Appreciation Letter

Recognising employees for tenure is a great way to let the employee realise that the organisation value the ongoing dedication and contributions of individuals. It allows an employer to thank the employee for his/her service. Long service recognition is an opportunity for a company to recognize an employee for longevity or tenure with the organization. When an employee works in a company for a long time, the service, dedication, and commitment of the employee should be appreciated by the employer. Honouring employees for the part they play in maintaining the company’s standards, motivate him/her to perform even better in the future. Long service recognition is an excellent way to applaud their performance to keep them motivated.  This can be done by framing a formal letter termed as long service appreciation letter.

What to include in the letter?

Begin with appreciating the employee for their years of meritorious services they provided to the company. Express the sincerest gratitude for the years of working relationship and mention the achievements of the employee during the years. Explain how the company is greatly benefited from the employee and how the employee has become an asset to the company. Ask the worker to grant it as a token of appreciation. Encourage the employee to work with the same dedication, courage, and commitment.

Key points

  • Name of the employee
  • Date
  • Job profile and responsibilities
  • Years of long service
  • Achievements

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