No Salary Increase (Pay Remains the Same) Confirmation Letter

Template letter to an employee confirming No Salary Increase.

No Salary Increase (Pay Remains the Same) Confirmation Letter

Every employee expects a salary increase during their employment. But when they are informed that there will be no salary increase for them this year, it can be very disappointing. As an employer, it can be challenging for you as well to convey to employees that they are not getting salary increases. No salary raise can leave employees wondering about their future pay. The best approach to convey the message effectively is through a formal letter. The letter should efficiently convey the reasons for no salary increase while not sounding offensive and encouraging positive future behaviour.  

What to include in the letter? 

Informing an employee they will not receive a pay rise is not that easy.  As all workers are not the same, some may take it politely and try to develop their skills while some may be angry and feel offensive.  So, while putting the message in writing, you should try to make it gentle and polite.  

Key points 

  • Date 
  • Reasons for no salary increase this year  
  • If it is due to performance, detail any previous discussion or meeting and include suggestions for improvement 

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