Recognition Certificate Template

Template certificate for recognition award recipient.

Recognition Certificate Template

No doubt the profit earned at the end is a crucial asset for a company. But as an employer, you must understand that having good and hardworking employees can keep the business operation running smoothly for years. Hence employees make the best and most valuable asset for any organization. Rewarding the deserving employees is a great way to show your appreciation. Presenting a recognition certificate to the hard-working employees boosts their morale to do their best in their job. Give your best employees the recognition they deserve with a recognition certificate.

Significance of recognition certificate

Recognition certificates are the documents presented to employees to appreciate them for support or work they have done. The certificates should include the emblems and logo of the company with personalized messages conveying the reason for the appreciation. Such recognition fortifies the bond between coworkers and employer and also motivates the employee to exceed the set expectations and thresholds of the organisation. It makes them feel recognized and appreciated for their work and contributions to the enterprise and expand their skills and performance in the future.

This certificate goes a long way in impacting the staff positively and acts as a tool of motivation to the employees. Verbal recognition is great, but it cannot replace the accrued benefits that go alongside recognition certificates.

What should the recognition certificate include?

  • Name of the employee
  • Date
  • Job responsibilities and profile
  • The reason for presenting the certificate
  • Personalised statement of appreciation
  • Name of the Company
  • Name of the authorised person issuing the certificate

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