Grievance Investigation Outcome Letter

Letter to complainant regarding grievance investigation outcome.

Grievance Investigation Outcome Letter

A grievance is basically a complaint or concern from an employee regarding their employment. Grievances may arise due to a wide range of subjects from working conditions to behavior of other employees, or management issues. The informal resolution of grievances should be given a try initially. However, sometimes it is not possible to handle the employees’ grievances informally. This is where you will need a formal avenue to pursue their complaint or concern. Once the grievance letter is received, the company should hold a meeting. Next, the investigation process takes place that involves the finding of facts. The outcomes of the investigation are conveyed to the complainant using a formal investigation outcome letter.

What to include in the letter?

Include a summary of the grievances and the discussion that held before the investigation. Summarize the result of allegations and mention that the investigation was unbiased. Notify the complainant that this letter is to confirm the findings of the investigation. Explain about the investigation process undertaken by the organization. Mention the outcomes with clear words and describe what actions will be taken regarding the matter. Assure the employee that any future misconduct will be dealt with severely as the circumstances dictate. Lastly, thank the employee for bringing this matter to your attention.

Key points

  • Name of the complainant
  • Address
  • Date
  • Summary of the grievance
  • Details of the previous discussion
  • Investigation details
  • Clearly defined outcome

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