Grievance Resolution Checklist

The HR Expert Australia Grievance Resolution Checklist is used to effectively manage employee grievances and disputes in the workplace.

Grievance Resolution Checklist

In spite of your best efforts in maintaining a healthy work environment, employees may raise an occasional grievance about an aspect of their employment. Disengaged and upset employees may disrupt overall productivity and the company’s profitability. This is why you need to keep a grievance procedure handy for immediate actions in case of an employee dispute or formal grievance.

A good grievance resolution procedure allows employers to resolve workplace issues early, saving them from a breakdown of the employment relationship and tribunal issues. To help you ensure your preparedness, HR Expert Australia brings you a well-compiled Grievance Resolution Checklist. You can confidently use this checklist to handle employee grievance and disputes within your company effectively.

Follow our Grievance Resolution Checklist for fair grievance management:

  • Review your grievance procedure
  • Investigate the grievance and check if it can be resolved informally
  • Interview employees and witnesses involved
  • Arrange a grievance hearing in a private location
  • Confirm the grievance hearing arrangements in writing to the employee
  • Introduce the purpose and procedure of the meeting during the hearing
  • Ask the employee to explain their concerns
  • Summaries the case and seek the employee’s confirmation
  • Discuss how the disputed might be resolved
  • Adjourn the meeting and, carry out any further investigation, if required
  • Communicate the final decision to the employee in person and in writing
  • Implement appropriate follow-up measures

Use the HR Expert Australia Grievance Resolution Checklist as your guide.

Having a Checklist Ensures Consistency When Handling an Employee Grievance

A grievance resolution checklist sets out the process a business should follow in the case of an employee dispute. It avoids delays and confusion while ensuring an effective and efficient grievance handling process is followed.

Why Use the HR Expert Australia Grievance Resolution Checklist?

HR Expert Australia has a wealth of experience working with HR professionals and business leaders. We understand how complex employee grievances can be. That’s why we have designed this checklist to help you through this unpleasant business scenario.

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