Grievance Resolution Flowchart

The HR Expert Australia grievance resolution flowchart is used to effectively manage the step by step employee grievance procedure in the workplace.

Grievance Resolution Flow Chart

A grievance is a feeling of dissatisfaction or injustice experienced by employees in relation to the workplace, management or policies and procedures. When an employee faces such an issue, they should report their complaint to their manager. There can be many reasons for grievances such as wages, working conditions, leave, transfer, overtime, job assignment and workplace relationships. As an employer, you should have an effective grievance resolution procedure in place to solve an issue.

Key points of a good grievance handling procedure

The grievance procedure should be sound and effective and should be fair, transparent and possess certain pre-requisites such as unambiguity, promptness, responsiveness and simplicity.

Importance of a Grievance Resolution Flow Chart

Handling a grievance in the workplace is not easy. It involves many crucial steps and processes that should be followed. The HR Expert Australia template to resolve a grievance flowchart ensures a hassle-free grievance handling process.

Steps to follow

  • Acknowledge the grievance
  • Define the problem
  • Gather the facts and evidence
  • Analyse and decide on the outcome and next steps

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