Handling an Employee Grievance Flowchart

The HR Expert Australia Handling an Employee Grievance Flowchart details the steps to take when handling an employee grievance in the workplace.

Handling an Employee Grievance Flowchart

Problems and complaints between employees can be daunting to resolve. Workplace grievances are best dealt with as soon as possible.  However, some grievances reach an extent where it becomes almost impossible to solve the conflict informally without HR or managerial intervention.

Hence, HR personnel must be geared up to handle employee grievances using a formal employee grievance procedure. Handling employee grievances is a complex process with a series of steps to follow. Efficient handling of such complicated tasks requires careful planning and communication. To make the process easier, we’ve designed an employee grievance handling flowchart template including detailed steps to resolve workplace issues.

Importance of an Employee Grievance Flowchart

You never know when a genuine feeling of dissatisfaction or injustice will brim in the mind of an employee. No matter what is the reason behind the conflict, grievances should be brought to the attention of management to resolve as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may have an adverse effect on the morale and efficiency of the employee or the team, or even worse, erupt into a major dispute.

Having a step by step flowchart is a great way to handle an employee grievance effectively and efficiently. An employee grievance handling flowchart template not only make the process easier but also save management time.

Steps Involved in the Employee Grievance Procedure

  • Invite the employee to a meeting to discuss the issue
  • Understand the nature of the complaint being raised
  • Formally document the grievance
  • Evaluate the issue(s) raised
  • Investigate and collect evidence, possibly with witnesses
  • Create a detailed report with your comments and recommendations
  • Propose a solution
  • Arrive at a consensus.
  • Take corrective steps

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