Managing Poor Performance or Conduct Meeting Script

A Script for Managing Poor Performance or Conduct at Work. Communicating effectively with employees that are displaying poor performance or conduct is important. Most managers dread talking about performance problems with their employees. But surveys show that employees actually value negative feedback when it’s delivered constructively. So, your employee may be more likely to accept your critique and commit to improvement if you present workplace problems in a fair, concrete and “problem-solving” manner. Use this script as a framework for talking about performance problems.

A Script for Managing Poor Performance or Conduct at Work.

Who can use this script?

You can use this template conversation script to provide employees with information about their poor workplace performance.


This script is designed to be used as a guide for employers who are having a discussion to notify an employee that their workplace or job performance/conduct is not at the required standards. Before using this script, employers should ensure that it is in accordance with the circumstances of that particular situation.